Astronomy Pizza Lunch / Fall 2009

Talks and Pizza are held in the 14th floor library of Pupin, beginning at 12:00pm. Slices of pizza are $1 each.

Date Speaker Topic Host
Sept 15 Andreas Svedin Decreases in the Solar B-Field Astroph Papers?
Cameron Hummels Outreach at Columbia
Sept 22 Cameron Hummels & Erika Hamden Solar Eclipse 2009 Astroph Papers
Arlin Surprise
Kristen The Palomar Transient Factory
Sept 29 Kathryn The shape of the Galaxy dark matter halo Astroph Papers
Josh Schroeder Degrees-of-freedom, covariance matrices, and principle component analysis
Oct 6 Ryan Joung Galaxy mergers in a cosmological setting Astroph Papers
Mike Way Low Luminosity Quasar-Galaxy Environments in the SDSS Kristen
Oct 13 Rudy Montez (RIT) Jeno Astroph Papers
Adam Showman (Univ. Arizona & Columbia) Planetology Kristen
Oct 20 Mordecai Star formation Kristen Astroph Papers?
Arlin Water on the Moon
Oct 27 Brian Jackson (GSFC) Tides in Exoplanets Kristen Astroph Papers
Alastair Edge (Durham) Clusters of Galaxies Caleb
Nov 3 Laura, Kathryn & Maureen Recent Conferences + 5 min intro to the new Department Google Calendar on the Wiki Kristen Astroph Papers
Nov 10 Kristen Atmospheres in motion & Future pizza lunches Astroph Papers?
Nov 17 Mike Shara Wolf-Rayet Survey Astroph Papers?
Nov 24 Tim Paglione, Manel Errando Gamma Rays from Starburst/Radio Galaxies Kristen Astroph Papers
Dec 1 David S. Galex meeting highlights Astroph Papers
Dimitri Veras Identifying Non-transiting Planets with Transit Timing Data Kristen
Dec 8Valeria Pettorino Large-Scale Structures in Quintessence Zoltan
Lam Hui Equivalence Principle Zoltan Astroph Papers
David S. A new IR satellite, WISE, will be launched on Friday
Dec 15Neil Zimmerman An M-Dwarf Orbiting Alcor Zoltan Astroph Papers
Taka Tanaka Bright Afterglow of a Massive Black Hole Merger
Matthew O'Down PAHs in low-z galaxies
Maureen Teyssier Wandering Stars

Faculty, research staff and students: If you have a visitor coming for a given week, please contact the person in charge for that week (do not modify this page yourself). Also be sure to add the visitor's name to the visitor page. The goal is to allow all visitors the chance to lead a brief discussion of their research.

Speakers: We aim for informal discussions about 10-20 minutes in length. Powerpoint is discouraged, but permitted for particularly relevant images.