"First Year Results from the Fermi Large Area Telescope"

Elizabeth Hays (GSFC)

The ground-breaking capabilities of the Large Area Telescope on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope are revealing a new view of the high energy universe. The LAT maps the entire sky in gamma rays from 20 MeV to > 300 GeV every three hours, providing all-sky monitoring and building a continuously deepening exposure. The first year of observations offers both insight into the known gamma-ray source classes in this energy range, pulsars and blazar galaxies, and discoveries of brand new source classes. This talk will overview the currently known inhabitants of the high energy gamma-ray sky with special emphasis on the ability of the LAT to study the spatial structure of supernova remnants and nearby galaxies. I will also discuss how the populations that the LAT is now defining are enabling searches for additional new source classes and possible new physics.