Special Seminar / Spring 2008

April 3 at 4:15 PM in 1402 Pupin

Prof. Dr. Andreas Wolf

Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics

Mechanisms of electron recombination with molecular ions: high resolution electron collisions and fragment imaging

Molecular ions are efficiently broken by free electrons in collisions over a wide range of energies, without an energy barrier and therefore also in the coldest collisions. Quasi-bound intermediate states form in the collision by many types of molecular dynamics and lead to a rich resonance structure of the DR cross section as a function of the collision energy. The tool for related experiments are ion storage rings and use event-by event counting methods with essentially monochromatic electron impact energies down into the few-meV range. They reconstruct the by multiparticle imaging is used to reconstruct the fragmentation events and to monitoring the initial ro-vibrational state of the cations.