BIG APPLE Colloquium / Fall 2007

Friday October 26, 3:30pm, Linder Theater, AMNH. Enter at the 77th Street Staff Entrance, under the scaffolding.

Prof. Adam Burrows

University of Arizona

Extrasolar Giant Planets: New Insights from New Data

Approximately 250 exoplanets, mostly giant planets in the Jovian mass range, have been detected orbiting stars in the solar neighborhood. 10% of them are transiting their primaries and these have collectively yielded a wealth of structural and physical information that theorists are scrambling to interpret. Amazingly, a handful of these giant planets have recently been detected directly by the Spitzer infrared space telescope. These constitute the first remote-sensing data of extrasolar worlds. I will present the embryonic theory of such irradiated giant planets and discuss what we have learned about their atmospheres and origin.