Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2007

Talks are held in Pupin 1332, beginning at 4:15pm, and are followed by a wine and cheese reception in the 14th floor library.

Sep 05 Kevin Luhman Penn State The Origin of Brown Dwarfs Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Sep 12 Jennifer Johnson Ohio State My Life in the Bulge: A G-Dwarf Perspective Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Sep 19 Fred Lo NRAO Mega-masers, Dark Energy and the Hubble Constant Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Sep 26 Greg Laughlin UC Santa Cruz Eccentric Giants -- Hydrodynamical Simulations of Extrasolar Planets Subject to Time-Varying Illumination Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Oct 03 Marla Geha Yale University Meet the New Neighbors: Kinematics of the Ultra-Faint Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Oct 10 Henrik Spoon Cornell University Probing the central power sources of ULIRG nuclei using Spitzer-IRS Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Oct 17 Steve Furlanetto Yale University Cosmology at Low Radio Frequencies: The 21cm Transition Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Oct 24 Nathan Smith UC Berkeley Precursors to supernova explosions and extraordinary deaths of very massive stars Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Special: Friday Oct 26 Adam Burrows Univ. Arizona Big Apple Colloquium @ AMNH: Extrasolar Giant Planets: New Insights from New Data Abstract Host: Ben Oppenheimer
Oct 31 Erin Sheldon NYU CANCELLED Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Nov 07 James Jee UC Davis Dark Matter Substructures in Galaxy Clusters Revealed by Gravitational Lensing with HST/ACS Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Nov 14 Hsiao-Wen Chen University of Chicago Halo Occupation of Dark Baryons Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Friday at 4pm Nov 16 Eline Tolstoy University of Gronigen Galactic Archaelogy Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Special: Tuesday Nov 20 Casey Papovich University of Arizona Galaxy Evolution in the Spitzer Era: What Have We Learned? Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Nov 28 Erin Sheldon NYU Cluster Lensing in the SDSS Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Dec 05 Oded Regev Technion & Columbia Accretion disk theory - recent turbulent developments Abstract Host: Kristen Menou