Prototype Configured Workstation

metis is going to be an example configured workstation for people to install and test the Required Astronomical Software.

deimos is also going to perform this function.

partitioning scheme

recommended partitioning for these proto-CWs will be similar to the Configured Workstations, using LVM

main disk broken into two partitions:

  • /dev/sda1 is a small (200MB) volume mounted at /boot
  • /dev/sda2 is the rest of the disk, used as a solitary physical volume for the primary volume group for the workstation.

The primary volume group will contain logical volumes like:

  • root: a ~1GB volume, mounted on /
  • usr: a ~4GB volume, mounted on /usr
  • var: a ~4GB volume, mounted on /var
  • the majority of the rest of the disk should probably be a single volume home mounted on /home

temporary space

i'm inclined to use a tmpfs for /tmp on these machines, just like the Configured Workstations