Latest update: December 9th 2014

Overall timeline

Ongoing work now through August 2016 means we need to inform construction crews of any activity outside of regular working hours.

Current Plans from Construction Team

General guidelines

1) 14th floor guaranteed accessibility (barring emergency work). Outside these times you may, but may not have access to offices etc:

  • Weekly: Mon-Thurs 8am-10pm, Fridays 8am-6pm
  • NOTE: no access to the 14th floor on Friday nights after 6pm
    • Public Nights - visitors must be directed to use stairs leading directly to the roof.
    • Rooftop Variables meetings will be held on the 13th floor.

2) Events/meetings on 14th floor overnight and during weekend can be held, but you need to let Millie and I know as soon as you can in advance and we will need to confirm with the construction team to 'block' the time before any announcement is made.

3) General access to offices outside these times will generally be possible, but not guaranteed - depends on when/how the work gets scheduled and this is somewhat fluid. The construction team will let us know their work timetable for 14th floor as far in advance as they can, and we will announce when to expect 14 to be strictly inaccessible as we go along.

Plans for Winter Break, 2014-2015

1) Weekend nights. 9pm-5am, Fri-Sun Dec 19th-21st.

  • NO ACCESS to 14th Floor

2) Mon/Tues/Weds 22nd/23rd/24th and Mon/Tues/Weds 29th/20th/31st Dec

  • Work, sometimes noisy (but - we're told - not unworkable) on 14th floor. Workmen will be in corridors. All offices will be accessible.

3) Fri 2nd Jan - Tues 6th Jan : Department effectively closed.

  • Electrical work on 14th floor: Computers should be backed up and powered down. If you need remote access during this time please let me know so it can be arranged.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF NOISE ON 13TH FLOOR (offices will be accessible)

Dates Already "Blocked" for 14th Floor Use

- March 19th-21st Thurs/Fri/Sat 2015 - Jacqueline's workshop in 1402