Air Date: September 9, 2009

Title: The Connection between Metal Abundances and the Evolution of Galaxies

Author: Duane Lee

Performers: Duane Lee

Abstract: Metals in astronomy refer to any element heavier than Helium on the periodic table. The abundance of metals with the exception of a few tell us the processing steps needed in the past to create the current abundance patterns we see in galaxies today. In both stellar atmospheres and interstellar/intergalactic gas we can probe the nature of galaxy evolution via merger/accretion histories, stellar evolution, and chemical enrichment of galaxian gas. I will share with you some basic observational and theoretical factoids that will illuminate the importance of metals in the study of galaxy evolution.

Bio: Duane Lee is currently a graduate student at Columbia University. He attended Wesleyan University where he obtained a M.A. in Astronomy in 2006. He also attended Williams College where he received a B.A. with Honors in Astrophysics in 2001. Originally from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he grew to love astronomy from his early encounters with a neighbor's telescope and the clear skies available to him in Western Massachusetts. His research interests include galaxy evolution and structure, chemical enrichment of galaxies, optical and radio surveys of galaxian structure. Other interests include singing, writing songs, sports, and politics.

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