Air Date: June 8, 2009

Title: The Universe in Ultraviolet

Author: Erika Hamden

Performers: Erika Hamden & Josh Schroeder

Abstract: Looking at different wavelengths of light can yield new information about the universe around us. By observing ultraviolet radiation, astronomers find regions of recent star formation, as well as stars in the end stages of their lives. I will discuss some of the science gained from observations in this regime, why it has traditionally been difficult to observe in the UV, and how recent technology has allowed us to probe this interesting part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Bio: Erika is a 2nd-year graduate student in Astronomy at Columbia University. Her research interests lie primarily in UV instrumentation, local group dynamics, and patterns in nature. Aside from astronomy Erika is a trained chef, and enjoys cooking and eating out in New York.

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Aired Podcast: 365 Days of Astronomy