Directions for Movie Volunteer


  • Arrive 30 minutes before movie is set to begin.
  • Put up/take down the building signs that direct the attendees to/from the lecture/film (NOT the roof signs).
  • Bring swag to the lecture hall and put it away afterwards.
  • Participate in the discussion on astronomy, physics and science at the end of the film and lecture.
  • Positively represent the University, the Department, and our profession.


  • You should be contacted by your movie captain the week of/before the event with a reminder.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before film is set to begin. Go to the 13th floor or find your Movie Captain.
  • You will remain in the lecture hall for the course of the two hours. At the end of the scheduled time, put everything away and clear out the lecture hall.
  • Note: You will attend no matter what the weather.