Directions for Lecture Volunteers


  • Coordinate directly with the Lecture Captain to set-up and run the lecture and post-lecture talk/slideshow
  • Put up/take down the building signs that direct the public to/from the lecture, the roof, and the 3D Wall.
  • Give the post-lecture talk or slideshow
  • Answer attendee questions on astronomy, physics and science.
  • Positively represent the University, the Department, and our profession.


  • You should be contacted by the Lecture Captain the day of/before the event with a reminder. If you have not heard from them by the day of the event, reach out directly.
  • Meet with the Lecture Captain one hour before the lecture is set to begin.
  • Post all signs for the event. NOTE: bring the red, standalone post down from the library to the 13th floor elevator area. Signs should all be posted 30 minute before the lecture starts.
  • Obtain the outreach calendars and skymaps from the Lecture Captain and place them on the table just inside the 4th floor entrance to the lecture hall.
  • Station yourself at the 4th floor entrance to the lecture hall and hand out surveys as people come in. Make sure to grab an envelope from the Lecture Captain box to collect completed surveys after the lecture.
  • After the lecture, give the post-lecture talk or slideshow you prepared.
  • When the Lecture Captain gives you permission, collect *all* the signs for the event – be careful not to forget the sign on the front door to Pupin. Return the signs to the Lecture Captain box. Return the red, standalone post to the library.