JObserve: Java Based Observe

JObserve is a rewrite of the older observe program for generating observing schedules for the VLA. More information can be found here


The current version of JObserve is 1.7.4 and was downloaded here. This version comes with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.2.

cdelacruz@io:/opt$ sudo mkdir -p jobserver/1.7.4
cdelacruz@io:/opt$ chown -R cdelacruz:cdelacruz jobserve
cdelacruz@io:/opt/jobserve/1.7.4$ tar -xvzf jobserve-1.7.4-linux.tgz
cdelacruz@io:/opt/jobserve/1.7.4/jobserve-1.7.4$ emacs Makefile(Set JO_HOME=/opt/jobserve/1.7.4/)
cdelacruz@io:/opt/jobserve/1.7.4/jobserve-1.7.4$ make config

cdelacruz@io:/opt/jobserve/1.7.4$ make config
rm -fr
sed -e 's&XXXXX&'/opt/jobserve/1.7.4/'/&' >
chmod 755

Execute to run jobserve

cdelacruz@io:/opt/jobserve/1.7.4$ sudo ln -s /opt/jobserve/current/ /usr/local/bin/jobserve
cdelacruz@io:/opt$ sudo chown -R root:root jobserve/