This is the main page for planning and organizing graduate student seating. Seating is chosen based on a seniority system with the most senior graduate students getting first pick of seating that opens. Graduate students in the same echelon must flip a coin to determine who gets the seating (or in the case of n>2 must find some other appropriate randomization system). Students whose advisors are at the museum may be asked to relinquish their spots after they finish coursework and TA responsibilities.

A list of students and their seniority can be found in the * Graduate student directory.

List of offices

Grad student spots will generally have two desks, because they will be around for 5-6 years. Postbac and RA spots are more "temporary", because they are usually around for only 1-2 years. These spots will generally have a single desk.


There are currently 3-5 seats available, in 1424 (new office).

Claim A Spot

Indicate which spot you want here:

- Jemma would like to move to 1333

Spaces coming available next

If you plan to move to a new spot, list your current spot here so people will know what can be claimed (and when you expect it to become available):

Spaces needed

The following students have no current desk assignment:

Aliya (1st year)

Matthew (1st year)

Aaron (1st year)

Editing Note: If you have seniority, replace your name in Next Occupant and add you desk to the openings list.