This is the main page for planning and organizing graduate student seating. Seating is chosen based on a seniority system with the most senior graduate students getting first pick of seating that opens. Graduate students in the same echelon must flip a coin to determine who gets the seating (or in the case of n>2 must find some other appropriate randomization system). Students whose advisors are at the museum may be asked to relinquish their spots after they finish coursework and TA responsibilities.

A list of students and their seniority can be found in the * Graduate student directory.

List of offices

Grad student spots will generally have two desks, because they will be around for 5-6 years. Postbac and RA spots are more "temporary", because they are usually around for only 1-2 years. These spots will generally have a single desk.


Aleksey's seat in 1333 (may become two bridge student desks)

Adam's old seat in 1424

Aliya's old seat in 1424

Jingjing's old seat in 1410

Kirsten's old seat in 1414

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Editing Note: If you have seniority, replace your name in Next Occupant and add you desk to the openings list.