wiki:Graduate student directory

List of Graduate Students by year, 2023-2024 Academic Year

Nth Year5th Year4th Year3rd Year 2nd Year1st Year Post Bac/RA/Masters/Long-term Visitors
Jorge Cortes Chris Carr Anthony Chow Benjamin Cassese Max Lee Stephen Coffey Noor Aftab
Avery Kim Karen Perez Ryan Golant Marguerite Epstein-Martin Amanda Lue Fred Garcia Andrew Zhang
Navin Sridhar Shifra Mandel Soichiro Hattori Michael Messere Sally Jiang
Jennifer Mead Maryum Sayeed James Sullivan Alexandra Masegian
Alina Sabyr Matthew Scoggins Kiyan Tavangar Abigail Moran
Meghna Sitaram Lori Porter
Chengchen Xin Justin Vega
Daniel Yahalomi
Jingyao Zhu

Links to the rooms where each graduate student is sitting are given. Graduate students in bold are at the American Museum of Natural History.

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