How do I use a Unix system?

Using Unix is outside the scope of this document. Please reference the Unix User's Manual for detailed instruction on using Unix.

How do I create or edit my files on a workstation?

There are several editors on the CW machines to use to create and /or edit files. The most common is emacs. To use emacs to create or edit a file at a Unix prompt simply type: emacs filename

Where filename is the full name of the file you wish to create or edit. For example: emacs temp-file.txt

Other editors include nano (or the identical but non-free pico) and vi.

How do I access my floppy disk/Removeable disk/CD-ROM from a Unix or Linux machine?

Before you can access your disk, you must first mount it. In our CW workstations, Ubuntu will will check for any new disks and mount them appropriately. The files on the mounted disk will be found in either /floppy, /zip, or /cdrom. For removeable media such as flash drives, usb, and firewire drives, the devices will mount on the desktop as well as under the root /media/ folder. When you have finished using a disk, use either eject-cdrom, eject-floppy, or eject-drive in order to eject the disk.

How can I copy a file from my Sun account to my Linux account?

The easiest way to copy a file from one account to another is through the command scp which stands for secure copy. In order to copy a file using this command simply type scp FileInYourAccount? OtherAccountUserName?@WorkstationName?:Destination where FileInYourAccount? is the file that you wish to copy, OtherAccountUserName? is the netid of the person's account that you wish to transfer the file to, WorkstationName? can be any CAL workstation (ex. phobos or metis or deimos), and Destination is the directory on the other user's account where you want the file to be placed (just use a ~ to transfer to the user's home directory). After entering this command and pressing enter, you will be prompted for the password for the other user's account. At this point the other user can enter his or her password and the file will be copied.