wiki:Disk Space


User 'home' directories are NFS mounted, and accessible from every workstation. There is a 2GB quota for each account on NFS.

Please note: only home directories and email will be backed up, it is the responsibility of the user to backup any data stored in other directories.

Local Data

The amount of space available locally on CWs (configured workstations) will vary depending on the type of hard drive available.

In most cases, hard-drives will be in the range of 80GB - 120GB, and the majority of that space will be available locally in /scratch.

Server Scratch Disk

Temporary storage can be made available on our dedicated file server, any requests should be submitted by clicking "New Ticket" above.

Portable/Removeable Drives

When using a portable/removeable drive, please follow this procedure:

  • Power on the drive.
  • Connect the USB/Firewire cable to the workstation.
  • On CAL workstations, the drive will automount to /media/'xxxx' and an icon will be placed on the desktop with the relevant 'xxxx' name.
  • To remove the drive, please unmount the device before removing the cable or shutting down as there is a potential for data loss otherwise. To unmount, right click on the icon on the desktop and select 'Unmount Volume'.
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