For email adminstration, access the email server sedna as root.

Resetting DSPAM Filter

To reset the spam filters (and backup the old filters), move the data as follows:

[0 root@sedna root]# mv /var/spool/dspam/data/'user' /var/spool/dspam/backup/local/ 
[0 root@sedna root]# 

Checking Filter Stats

Issue the following command for filter stats:

[0 root@sedna root]# su - dspam -c 'dspam_stats -H 'user''

        	TP True Positives:              0
        	TN True Negatives:              5
        	FP False Positives:             0
        	FN False Negatives:             0
        	SC Spam Corpusfed:              0
        	NC Nonspam Corpusfed:           0
        	TL Training Left:            2495
        	SHR Spam Hit Rate         100.00%
        	HSR Ham Strike Rate:        0.00%
        	OCA Overall Accuracy:     100.00%