DRAFT: this policy is not yet finalized.

Supported Configured Workstation Policy

CAL system administration resources are finite. In order to make best use of our time and money, we can only commit to supporting certain types of hardware and of that, only in certain configurations.

Configurations or hardware that go outside the bounds of this limited set will be handled with lower priority, since they will affect fewer users.

If you plan to make a hardware purchase, please consider this in your decision. If you have questions about whether a particular device or configuration will be supported, please open a ticket about it before making a purchase, so we can help you decide!

Configured Workstations supported by CAL system administration staff should meet the following hardware requirements:

  • A CW should be a 32-bit, i386-compatible machine.

  • It should have a bootable USB port
  • It should have at least 512MB of RAM
  • It should have at least 10GB of disk space
  • It should have a network card with free drivers for modern Linux (2.6 kernel), with gigabit preferred
  • It should reside permanently in Pupin Hall, and have a static, public IP address within the standard range.
  • It should be used only as a Configured Workstation (no dual-boot arrangements, etc)

We will do our best to support systems with multiple disks in a RAID configuration. Other options such as second monitors are discouraged as we have had difficulties in setting them up easily.

A current example (as of summer 2006) of what we're buying for CWs is: a Dell Optiplex GX620 with a 3.0-3.4 GHz Pentium D CPU (in effect two CPUs on one chip); 1 GB RAM; 250 GB disk; integrated Gbit ethernet; an optical drive that both reads and writes CDs and DVDs; a 19 inch LCD monitor. All of this, purchased via the Columbia University preferred vendor program, costs a little over $1000. We are also buying external 250 GB USB disks, at a present cost of some $160, so that the users can back up their internal disk.

DRAFT: this policy is not yet finalized.