Here is a chronological (but incomplete) list of papers posted on the archive by astronomers associated with Columbia University. Feel free to add any you come across. Pizza Lunch czars may call upon the authors to discuss their work at Pizza Lunch.

2010 Calendar Year

Title Author URL date
Electromagnetic extraction of energy from black hole-neutron star binariesSean Mc Williams, Janna Levin Jan 2011
Can we live in the bulk without a brane? Kurt Hinterbichler, Janna Levin, Claire Zukowski Jan 2011
Clumpy Streams from Clumpy Halos: Detecting Missing Satellites with Cold Stellar Structures Joo Heon Yoon, Kathryn Johnston, David Hogg Dec 2010
A Radio Perspective on the Wet Merger Remnant NGC 34 Ximena Fernandez, J.H. van Gorkom, Francois Schweizer, Joshua E. Barnes 5 Oct 2010
Tidal Torquing of Elliptical Galaxies in Cluster Environments Maria J. Pereira, Greg L. Bryan Sep 2010
Suppression of HD-cooling in protogalactic gas clouds by Lyman-Werner radiation Jemma Wolcott-Green, Zoltán Haiman Sep 2010
Only the Lonely: H I Imaging of Void Galaxies K. Kreckel, E. Platen, M. A. Aragón-Calvo, J. H. van Gorkom et al. Aug 2010
Exact Time-dependent Solutions for the Thin Accretion Disc Equation: Boundary Conditions at Finite Radius Takamitsu Tanaka 26 July 2010
Rational Orbits around Charged Black Holes Vedant Misra and Janna Levin July 2010
The GALEX Arecibo SDSS Survey II: The Star Formation Efficiency of Massive Galaxies David Schiminovich, Barbara Catinella, Guinevere Kauffmann, Silvia Fabello, Jing Wang, Cameron Hummels, Jenna Lemonias, et al. July 2010
A Correction to the Standard Galactic Reddening Map: Passive Galaxies as Standard CrayonsJ. E. G. Peek, Genevieve J. Graves June 2010
Measuring Transverse Motions for Nearby Galaxy ClustersErika T. Hamden, Christine M. Simpson, Kathryn V. Johnston, Duane M. Lee May 2010
White dwarfs stripped by massive black holes: sources of coincident gravitational and electromagnetic radiation Ivan Zalamea, Kristen Menou, Andrei M. Beloborodov May 2010
Limiting Accretion onto Massive Stars by Fragmentation-Induced Starvation Thomas Peters, Ralf S. Klessen, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Robi Banerjee May 2010
Supermassive Black Hole Formation at High Redshifts Through a Primordial Magnetic Field Shiv K. Sethi, Zoltan Haiman, K. Pandey May 2010
Possible constraints on exoplanet magnetic field strengths from planet-star interaction Caleb A. Scharf May 2010
The Origin of the Hot Gas in the Galactic Halo: Confronting Models with XMM-Newton ObservationsDavid B. Henley, Robin L. Shelton, Kyujin Kwak, M. Ryan Joung, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low May 2010
First Dark Matter Results from the XENON100 Experiment The XENON100 collaboration: E.Aprile et al. May 2010
Witnessing the Birth of a QuasarTakamitsu Tanaka, Zoltán Haiman, Kristen Menou Apr 2010
Cosmology with Standard Sirens: the Importance of the Shape of the Lensing Magnification Distribution Cien Shang, Zoltán Haiman April 2010
The Metal-Enriched Outer Disk of NGC 2915 Jessica K. Werk, Mary E. Putman, et al. April 2010
Dust of Dark EnergyEugene A. Lim, Ignacy Sawicki, Alexander Vikman Mar 2010
Understanding Spatial and Spectral Morphologies of Ultracompact H II Regions Thomas Peters, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Robi Banerjee, Ralf S. Klessen, Cornelis P. Dullemond 25 Mar 2010
On the Relationship Between Molecular Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide Abundances in Molecular CloudsSimon C. O. Glover, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low Mar 2010
Is GRB afterglow emission intrinsically anisotropic?A. M. Beloborodov, F. Daigne, R. Mochkovitch, Z. L. Uhm Mar 2010
Orbital migration of low-mass planets in evolutionary radiative models: Avoiding catastrophic infallWladimir Lyra, Sijme-Jan Paardekooper, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low Mar 2010
Neutrino heating near hyper-accreting black holesIvan Zalamea, Andrei M. Beloborodov Mar 2010
Non-Equipartition of Energy, Masses of Nova Ejecta, and Type Ia SupernovaeMichael M. Shara, Ofer Yaron, Dina Prialnik, Attay Kovetz Feb 2010
Design and Performance of the XENON10 Dark Matter ExperimentThe XENON100 collaboration: E.Aprile et al. Jan 2010
H II regions: Witnesses to massive star formationThomas Peters, Robi Banerjee, Ralf S. Klessen, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Roberto Galvan-Madrid, Eric Keto Jan 2010
A bulk inflaton from large volume extra dimensions Brian Greene, Daniel Kabat, Janna Levin, Dylan Thurston Jan 2010

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