Recent (and not-so-recent) colloquia, for reference.

Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2006

Sep 13 Hector Arce American Museum of Natural History Protostellar outflows and their influence
on the star formation environment
Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Sep 20 Jennifer Sokoloski Columbia University Observations of Stellar Explosions and Jets Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Sep 27 Charles Gammie University of Illinois Numerical Models of Black Hole Accretion Flows Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Oct 04 Sarbani Basu Yale University Journey to the Centre of the Sun Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Oct 11 David Weinberg Ohio State University What Can We Learn From Galaxy Clustering? Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Oct 18 Brian O'Shea Los Alamos National Laboratory Population III stars and the formation of the first protogalaxies Abstract Host: Greg Bryan
Oct 25 Albert Stebbins Fermilab An Anthrocentric Universe Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Nov 01 Jim Kasting Pennsylvania State University Gaia Revisited: the Interplay Between Climate and Life on the Early Earth Abstract Host: Caleb Scharf
Nov 08 Alycia Weinberger Carnegie Institution of Washington Studying the Conditions for Planet Formation in Circumstellar Disks Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Nov 15 Victor Debattista University of Washington, Seattle Secular Evolution of Galaxies: From Dark Halos to Nuclei Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Nov 21 TUESDAY Keivan Stassun Vanderbilt University A Synthesis of Fundamental Issues in the Formation and Early Evolution of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs Abstract Host:Zoltan Haiman
Nov 29 Houjun Mo University of Massachusetts, Amherst Establishing the Relationship Between Galaxies and Dark Matter Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Mary Putman University of Michigan What goes on in the dark of galaxy halos? Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Volker Springel MPA, Munich Supermassive black holes and cosmic rays in simulations of galaxy formation Abstract Host: Glennys Farrar (NYU)

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2007

Jan 17 Aaron Evans Stony Brook Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Low-Redshift QSO Hosts Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Jan 24 Ann Zabludoff Univ. of Arizona The Importance of Lens Environments Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Jan 31 Dennis Zaritsky Univ. of Arizona How Big are Galaxies? Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Feb 07 Eiichiro Komatsu Univ. of Texas Latest Results from Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe: Three-year Observations Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Feb 14 Elizabeth Barton UC Irvine Understanding Galaxy Interactions Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Feb 21 Joshua Winn MIT The Transit of Exoplanets Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Feb 28 Rosie Wyse Johns Hopkins University Dark Matter on Galactic Scales: The Milky Way and her Dwarfs Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Mar 02 Andrey Kravtsov U. Chicago Cosmological Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies: Status, Problems, Challenges Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Geoff Marcy UC Berkeley Exoplanets: From Giants to Rocky Planets Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Mar 14 Spring Break - No Colloquium
Mar 21 Alessandra Buonanno Univ. of Maryland Binary Black-Hole Coalescence Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Mar 28 Arlin Crotts Columbia University Sources of the Lunar Atmosphere: Key to the Moon's Past and Future Abstract Host: all of us
Apr 04 John Salzer Wesleyan Making Hay with ALFALFA - Properties of Galaxies Discovered in "Blind" HI Surveys Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Apr 11 Alison Farmer Harvard-Smithsonian CfA How to escape from Saturn (and other places) Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Apr 18 Avi Loeb Harvard University Three Astrophysical Laboratories for Particle Physics Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Apr 25 Andrew Mac Fadyen NYU GRBs from Massive Stars Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Room 428, 4pm
Richard Ellis Caltech Characterizing the Sources Responsible for Cosmic Reionization Abstract? Host: David Helfand
May 02 Andreea Petric, Michel Zamojski, Ben Johnson Columbia A Multiwavelength Approach to Determining the Properties of Dust in Different Astrophysical Environments;Probing the build-up of the Hubble sequence and its relation to cosmic star formation history; Extraordinary Views of Ordinary Galaxies Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom

Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2007

Sep 05 Kevin Luhman Penn State The Origin of Brown Dwarfs Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Sep 12 Jennifer Johnson Ohio State My Life in the Bulge: A G-Dwarf Perspective Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Sep 19 Fred Lo NRAO Mega-masers, Dark Energy and the Hubble Constant Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Sep 26 Greg Laughlin UC Santa Cruz Eccentric Giants -- Hydrodynamical Simulations of Extrasolar Planets Subject to Time-Varying Illumination Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Oct 03 Marla Geha Yale University Meet the New Neighbors: Kinematics of the Ultra-Faint Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Oct 10 Henrik Spoon Cornell University Probing the central power sources of ULIRG nuclei using Spitzer-IRS Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Oct 17 Steve Furlanetto Yale University Cosmology at Low Radio Frequencies: The 21cm Transition Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Oct 24 Nathan Smith UC Berkeley Precursors to supernova explosions and extraordinary deaths of very massive stars Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Special: Friday Oct 26 Adam Burrows Univ. Arizona Big Apple Colloquium @ AMNH: Extrasolar Giant Planets: New Insights from New Data Abstract Host: Ben Oppenheimer
Oct 31 Erin Sheldon NYU CANCELLED Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Nov 07 James Jee UC Davis Dark Matter Substructures in Galaxy Clusters Revealed by Gravitational Lensing with HST/ACS Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Nov 14 Hsiao-Wen Chen University of Chicago Halo Occupation of Dark Baryons Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Friday at 4pm Nov 16 Eline Tolstoy University of Gronigen Galactic Archaelogy Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Special: Tuesday Nov 20 Casey Papovich University of Arizona Galaxy Evolution in the Spitzer Era: What Have We Learned? Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Nov 28 Erin Sheldon NYU Cluster Lensing in the SDSS Abstract Host: Lam Hui
Dec 05 Oded Regev Technion & Columbia Accretion disk theory - recent turbulent developments Abstract Host: Kristen Menou

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2008

Jan 23 Christy Tremonti Arizona Can Quasars Quench Star Formation? New clues from the study of fossil galactic winds in post-starburst galaxies Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Jan 30 Chris Stubbs Harvard Testing Gravity with Telescopes Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Feb 6 Guinevere Kauffmann MPA-Garching New insights into the Starburst-AGN connection Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Feb 13 Miguel Morales Univ. Washington Epoch of Reionization and other science with the MWA Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Feb 20 Romeel Dave Arizona The Impact of Galactic Outflows Across Cosmic Scales Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Feb 27 Alicia Soderberg Princeton A Unique View of the GRB-SN Connection through Radio and X-ray Observations Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Mar 5 David Hogg NYU Direct measurements of the assembly of massive galaxies Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Mar 12 Edo Berger Princeton Magnetic Activity in Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs - Exploring the Nature of the Dynamo Abstract Host: Kristen Menou

Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2008

Sep 10 Michael Shull University of Colorado at Boulder Baryons and Metals in the low-redshift Intergalactic Medium and Galactic Halo Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Sep 17 Omer Blaes UC Santa Barbara How Does Accretion Onto Black Holes Really Produce the Light We Observe in Quasars and X-ray Binaries? Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Sep 24 Amy Barger University of Wisconsin at Madison The Star Formation and Accretion Histories of the Universe Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Oct 01 Bruce Draine Princeton University Interstellar Dust Models, Formation of Interstellar Dust, and the Dust Entering the Heliosphere Today Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Oct 08 Piero Madau UC Santa Cruz The Via Lactea Project: A Glimpse into the Invisible World of Dark Matter Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Oct 15 Laura Ferrarese Herzberg Institute, Victoria, CA The Structure of Early-Type Galaxies from the ACS Virgo and Fornax Cluster Surveys: Cores, Stellar Nuclei and Supermassive Black Holes Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Oct 22 Juna Kollmeier Carnegie Observatory The Lyman alpha Glow of High-redshift Structure Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Oct 29 Jason Prochaska UC Santa Cruz Revealing the ISM of High z Galaxies with GRB Afterglows Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Nov 05 Jim Liebert Univ. of Arizona Topic TBD Abstract? Host: Joe Patterson
Nov 12 Benjamin Mc Call University of Illinois H3+ and the Interstellar Cosmic-Ray Ionization Rate Abstract Host: Daniel Savin
Nov 19 Jerry Ostriker Princeton University ON THE FORMATION OF MASSIVE GALAXIES Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Nov 26 Thanksgiving: No Colloquium
Dec 05 *FRIDAY*
Tim Heckman Johns Hopkins University Big Apple Colloquium -- CANCELED Abstract? Host: David Schiminovich
Dec 10 Scott Trager University of Groningen Dissecting the stellar content of early-type galaxies: Clues to their formation and evolution Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2009

Jan 12 *Special*
Mario Livio STScI The Greatest Achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope Abstract? Host: Kristen Menou
Jan 30 *FRIDAY*
*AT AMNH* at 3:30pm
Alex Filippenko UC Berkeley Big Apple Colloquium Lick Observatory Supernova Search and Follow-Up Studies of Supernovae Abstract Host: Ben Oppenheimer reception 5-7:30 among dinosaurs
Feb 4 Fabian Heitsch University of Michigan From Spiral Arms to Protostellar Cores: New Approaches to Understanding Star Formation Abstract Host: Mary Putman
Feb 11 Jerry Sellwood Rutgers University New Developments in Spiral Structure Theory Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Feb 20 *FRIDAY*
AT 3:30pm
Andy Gould Ohio State University Microlensing: Measuring the Galactic Distribution of Planets (Bishop lecture) PDF slides Abstract Host: David Helfand
Feb 25 Mark Krumholz UC Santa Cruz From Massive Cores to Massive Stars Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Mar 4 Phil Armitage Univ. of Colorado Is our Solar System a typical planetary system? Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Mar 11 Risa Wechsler Stanford University The Galaxy-Halo Connection Across Cosmic Time: Constraints and Implications Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
Mar 18 No Colloquium Spring Break
Mar 25 Rosalba Perna University of Colorado, Boulder Neutron Star Spins: in lonely life and with companions Abstract Host: Zoltan Haiman
Apr 1 Zeljko Ivezic University of Washington Reaching for the sky with SDSS and LSST Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
Apr 8 Avery Broderick CITA, Toronto Imaging Horizons: Probing the Nature of Black Holes Abstract Host: Kristen Menou
Apr 15 Martin Weinberg University of Massachussetts Galactic warps & asymmetries: origins and implications Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston
3PM in Room 428
Tim Heckman Johns Hopkins University Big Apple Colloquium: The Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes: A Local Perspective Abstract Host: David Schiminovich
Apr 29 Michael Way Goddard Institute for Space Sciences A history of the prediction and detection of the expansion of the Universe and of the CMB Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
May 5
Graduating Students Columbia University Title TBD Abstract? Host: TBD
May 27 Marcel Agueros Columbia University Tales From The Haystack: Isolated Neutron Stars and Low-Mass White Dwarfs Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
July 22 Franz Bauer Columbia University Late-time Evolution in (some) Massive Stars: Constraints from the Nearby SN1996cr Abstract Host: Jacqueline van Gorkom
August 4 Sanjib Sharma Columbia University Group finding in multi-dimensional data sets and its application to Galactic Archeology Abstract Host: Kathryn Johnston

Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2009

Who "From" Title Abstract Host:
Sept 30 Debra Elmegreen Vassar Clumpy Galaxies in the Early Universe Abstract Host: Kathryn J
Oct 7 John Monnier U. Michigan Milli-arcsecond Imaging with the CHARA Interferometer Abstract Host: Jeno S
Oct 14 Douglas Finkbeiner Harvard Fermi gamma rays, the WMAP haze, and dark matter Abstract Host: David S
Oct 21 Greg Bryan Columbia Star Formation in the Early Universe: what drove the transition from Population III to Population II? Abstract Host: Kristen
Oct 28 Maryam Modjaz U.C. Berkeley Elucidating the SN-GRB Connection from the SN Perspective Abstract Host: Jeno S
*Nov 6* Big Apple @ NYU Marc Kamionkowski Caltech Is the Universe (statistically) isotropic? Abstract Host: R. Scoccimarro
Nov 11 Nadia Zakamska Princeton Molecular hydrogen emission in extragalactic objects Abstract Host: Kristen
Nov 18 Elizabeth Hays GSFC First Year Results from the Fermi Large Area Telescope Abstract Host: Kristen
Dec 2 Lars Hernquist Harvard In Search of a Unified Picture for Galaxy Evolution Abstract Host: Kathryn J
Dec 9 Gaspar Bakos CfA Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets with the HATNet project Abstract Host: Zoltan

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2010

Who Institution Title Abstract Host:
January 27 Mark Reid Harvard-Smithsonian CfA "Measuring the Cosmos" Abstract Host: Jeno S
February 5:
Lloyd Knox UC Davis Anisotropies in the infrared background as a probe of the complete history of star formation Abstract Host: Zoltan
February 17 Eric Gotthelf Columbia Anti-Magnetars: An Exotic New Class of High Energy Pulsars Abstract Host: Jeno S
February 24 Vicky Kaspi Mcgill 'Grand Unification' in Neutron Stars Abstract Host: Jeno S
March 3 Jack Hughes Rutgers University First Results from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope: SZ Detections of Galaxy Clusters Abstract Host: Zoltan
March 10 Dusan Keres Harvard/CFA How do galaxies get their gas? Abstract Host: Mary
March 24 Tommaso Treu UCSB New observational tests of the LCDM (with pesky baryons) paradigm Abstract Host: David S
March 31 Jenny Greene Princeton University Beyond the M-sigma relation: Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution Abstract Host: Kathryn J
April 7 Daniel Apai STScI The Formation of Planets around the Sun and Other Stars Abstract Host: Caleb
April 14 Suvi Gezari JHU Synergistic Transient Searches in the Ultraviolet and Optical Abstract Host: David S
April 16: 3:00 PM
ROOM 428
Joan Centrella GSFC BIG APPLE COLLOQUIUM: Black Hole Mergers, Gravitational Waves, and Numerical Relativity Abstract Host: David S
April 21 Angela Speck University of Missouri Through The Looking Glass: A Re-analysis of Silicate Dust Spectral Features Abstract Host: Jeno S
April 28 Phil Hopkins UC Berkeley How do Massive Black Holes Get their Gas? Abstract Host: Zoltan
May 3: 4:15 PM
ROOM 428
Rashid Sunyaev MPA, Munich Accretion of gas with small angular momentum onto supermassive black holes in elliptical galaxies Abstract Host: Zoltan
May 5
4:00 PM
Graduating Students
Emily Rauscher,
Cien Sheng,
Stephanie Tonnesen,
Sarah Tuttle,
Jessica Werk
Columbia Modeling Hot Jupiter Atmospheres: Probing a New Regime of Circulation and
SMBH Formation by Direct Collapse: Keep Protogalactic Gas Free of Hydrogen Molecules and
A Tale of Tails and
FIREBall - The Faint Intergalactic Redshifted Emission Balloon and
Star Formation on the Fringes: The Frequency and Nature of Outlying HII Regions
Abstract Host: DS + advisors
May 19: SPECIAL SUMMER COLLOQUIUM Niv Drory MPE The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) Abstract Host: David S/Tuttle

Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2010

Who Institution Title Abstract Host:
September 15 Mansi Kasliwal Caltech Abstract? David H
September 22 Daniel Wolf Savin Columbia The Genesis Projects: Laboratory Studies in Molecular Astrophysics from the First Star to the Beginnings of Organic Chemistry Abstract? Kathryn J
September 29 Milos Milosavljevic UT Austin Growing Massive Black Holes at Cosmic Dawn Abstract? Jeno
October 6 Teddy Cheung NASA/Goddard Two Surprises from the Fermi Large Area Telescope Abstract? Jeno
October 13 Juan Uson Observatoire de Paris-LERMA Superthin Galaxies Abstract? Jacqueline
October 20 Daisuke Nagai Yale Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters: Recent Advances and Future Challenges Abstract? Mary
October 27 M Ryan Joung Columbia Cold Streams, Hot Winds Abstract? Kathryn J
November 3 David Kaplan UW, Milwaukee Nearby, Thermally Emitting Neutron Stars Abstract? Marcel
November 10 Sean Mc Williams Columbia Gravitational Wave Astronomy with Black Hole Binary Mergers Abstract? Kathryn J
November 17 Josh Peek Columbia Casting shadows on the standard interstellar medium paradigm with GALFA-HI Abstract? Mary
December 8 Michael Allison NASA/GISS and Columbia The Celestial Cartography of Grand Central Terminal’s Sky Ceiling – A Meeting of Classical Astronomy and the Beaux Arts bstract? Kathryn J

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title Abstract Host
January 26 - Bishop Lecture Nick Scoville Caltech Evolution of Cosmic Large Scale Structure and Galaxies from the COSMOS Survey Abstract Jacqueline
February 2 Andrew West Boston University Not your parents' M dwarfs: What low-mass stars can tell us about magnetic fields, Galactic dynamics, the distribution of dust and the widest binaries in the Milky Way Abstract Marcel
February 9 Daniel Fabrycky UCSC Planetary Systems from Kepler Abstract Kristen / Jeno
February 16 Debra Fischer Yale Searching for Earths Abstract Kathryn J
February 23 Warren Brown CfA, Harvard Black Holes and Hypervelocity Stars Abstract Kathryn J
March 2 Ed Belbruno Princeton Minimal Energy Transfers, Black Hole Dynamics, and Weak Stability Boundaries Abstract Arlin
March 9 - BIG APPLE COLLOQUIUM -- 3:45pm, AMNH Linder Theater Steven Balbus ENS & Princeton The flywheels of helios: making sense of how the Sun (and other stars) go round. Abstract @AMNH
March 23 Daniel Kasen Berkeley What powers the brightest supernovae? Abstract Kristen
March 30 John Johnson Caltech Giant Exoplanets in the Stellar Mass-Metallicity Plane Abstract Marcel
April 6 Wendy Freedman OCIW Bampton Lecture series TBA David H
April 13 Wendy Freedman OCIW Bampton Lecture series TBA David H
April 27 James Bullock UCI A Big Dark Satellite Problem for Cold Dark Matter Abstract Kathryn J
May 4 Graduating Students Columbia PhD talks Abstracts All

Astronomy Colloquium / Fall 2011

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
September 21 Volker Bromm University of Texas Austin The First Stars and Galaxies Abstract Zoltan
September 28 Martin Still NASA Ames ASTROPHYSICS WITH KEPLER Abstract Jeno
October 5 Lam Hui Columbia University Equivalence principle and cosmic acceleration Abstract Zoltan
October 12 Feryal Ozel University of Arizona Neutron Star Radii and Masses Abstract Kristen
October 19 Marten van Kerkwijk University of Toronto White dwarf binaries, mergers, and explosions Abstract Marcel
October 26 Ruth Murray-Clay CfA Planet Formation at Wide Separations Abstract Kristen
November 2 Mike Eracleous Penn State The Quest for the Dynamical Signature of Close Supermassive Binary Black Holes Abstract Jeno
November 9 Mark Neyrinck Johns Hopkins University Understanding and Rejuvenating the Universe's Age Wrinkles for Cosmology Abstract Zoltan
November 16 Neal Katz University of Massachusetts The Birth of the Cool Abstract Kathryn
November 23 Thanksgiving: No Colloquium
November 30 Priya Natarajan Yale The formation of supermassive black holes Abstract Zoltan
December 9 FRIDAY Amy Barger Univ. of Wisconsin Big Apple Colloquium at NYU Abstract? Maryam Modjaz

Astronomy Colloquium / Spring 2012

Date Name Institution Title Abstract Host
January 25 Beth Willman Haverford What is a Galaxy? Abstract Marcel
February 1 Phil Chang CITA/Wisconsin-Milwaukee The Physics and Cosmology of TeV Blazars Abstract Kristen
February 8 Janice lee OCIW Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies Abstract Kathryn
February 17
Pupin 428
Victoria Kaspi McGill University Unifying the Many Faces of Neutron Stars: The High Magnetic Field Connection (Big Apple Colloquium) Abstract Jules
February 22 No colloquium Abstract?
February 29 Martin Bureau University of Oxford The Tully-Fisher Relation: Across Morphological Types and Redshifts Abstract Jacqueline
March 7 Eliot Quataert UC Berkeley The Physics of Galaxy Cluster Plasmas Abstract Zoltan
March 21 Virginia McSwain Lehigh Multiwavelength Observations of Gamma-ray Binaries Abstract Marcel
March 28 Nicholas Law Toronto Cool Stars, Cool Planets, and Extremely Cold Astronomy Abstract Marcel
April 4 Jin Koda Stony Brook Evolution of Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Galaxies Abstract Jacqueline
April 11 Stuart Shapiro University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Merger of Binary Black Holes in Gaseous Environments Abstract Zoltan
April 18 Monica Valluri Michigan Exploring the phase space structure and formation of the Milky Way halo with stellar orbits Abstract Kathryn
April 25 Andrea Ghez UCLA Bishop Lecture: Bringing our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole and its Environs into Focus with Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Abstract Frits
May 2 Graduating Students Columbia University Jana Grcevich/Cameron Hummels/Colin McNally/Kyle Parfrey/Andreas Svedin Abstract
May 30 Diana Valencia MIT Characterizing Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes Abstract Zoltan