CAL Printers

Current printer configuration

There are currently six printers on the CAL network (there are more private printers, but these will not be supported by CAL).

The CAL Configured Workstations have all printers configured using the following:

LocationLink to Driver from ManufacturerOptionsPrinter NameNetwork Device or Port (click to see printer status)
1027HP color Laserjet 3800dtnduplexcricketipp://
1210HP LaserJet P3015dnduplexmonarchipp://
1328HP color Laserjet 3800dtnduplexbeeipp://
1328HP LaserJet P3015dnduplexdragonflyipp://
1409HP LaserJet P3015dnduplexmothipp://

* Duplex printing can be enabled through the printer driver. Right click and select properties for the given printers located under the System > Administration > Printing menus.

Printing from a Configured Workstation

To print from the command line use


This will print to the default printer (usually firefly) Use the "-d printer_name" option to send the file to a different printer. To see the status of your print job, use:


To change the default printer set the LPDEST variable; for example in bash use:

LPDEST=printername; export LPDEST

For printers which have a duplex unit, you can print in duplex with a command like:

lp -d printername -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble

(change DuplexNoTumble? to DuplexTumble? if you'd prefer the "short edge" duplexing)

To print single-sided on a printer that defaults to duplex, something like this should work:

lp -d printername -o Duplex=None

To learn more about what values are available (and default) for an option for a given printer from the command line, use lpoptions:

lpoptions -p printername -l | grep ^Duplex

Configuring the printers under different operating systems

Ubuntu linux

Open a web browser and go to http://localhost:631.

Click on "Add Printer".

When prompted for a device select "Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)".

Put in the device URL as shown on subsequent web page.

Fedora Core 4

Instructions specific to cricket

Use the GUI tool: Desktop->System settings->Printing (this runs the utility 'printconf-gui')

Add a new printer (one of the buttons)

Click through the introductory dialog box.

On the second dialog box, give the printer a useful name (perhaps the same as the CW names?)

In the third, select Networked CUPS (IPP) from the drop down list. The server name

is then (for example), and the path is '/'.

In the fourth dialog box, select the printer model from the Printer Driver list. If the "3800dtn" driver is not available try "Color LaserJet? 4550" and set the Driver Option "Binding for Double-Sided Pr." to "Long Edge".

Then finish, and print a test page!

Windows XP

First, download the drivers from the hp site. Navigate to the drivers download section from, and download the drivers for the printer you want to install. Double click on the downloaded file, and pay attention to where the files install.

for HP color printers

Choose control panel->Printers->Add a printer. The printers are 'network printer, or a printer attached to another computer'. Click Next. Then connect to a printer via a URL. For the IPP printers, the URL is Then choose the printer type in the next dialog box; click 'have disk'. Then browse to the location that the drivers unpacked to. And you are done.

for Samsung printers

Choose control panel->Printers->Add a printer. The printer is a 'local printer'. Unclick the 'search for plug and play printers' box and click next. Then 'Create a new port'. Choose a 'standard TCP/IP' from the drop down list. Click next. A new dialog appears. Click Next. Enter the IP address (above!) under 'printer name or IP address'. Then choose the printer type in the next dialog box; click 'have disk'. Then browse to the location that the drivers unpacked to. And you are done.

To print a test page, right click on the printer in control panel, and select properties. Then click 'print test page'.


Under system preferences, click on 'print & fax' and then click on the '+' symbol in the printer menu. This will open a Printer Browser window: select 'IPP' for the protocol (LPD may work with some printers), and then enter the full printer name in the address window. Leave the queue name blank (although some people have reported that this needs to be set to 'AUTO'), and then name it as you would like. In the 'Print Using' selection, set the printer type (you may need to dowload extra printers from HP, see this link. Once this is done, a selection box will open allowing you to set extra options for the printer -- please DO set the 'duplex' field.

Wireless Access

Currently access to cricket and bee is not possible over a wireless connection. The workaround is to plug your laptop into the LAN.

Printing Supplies


  • If printing quality is poor, or the printer is indicating that the toner is low, please file a ticket, indicating which printer it is.

If you are replacing toner yourself, please get a key for the cabinet in room 1008 from Fernando Camilo or Trudy. When you replace toner, please mail Fernando and Greg Bryan, and update this page to match what you just did.

ItemComplete Item DescriptionPart No.In StockOn OrderReplacement dates
1HP Color Laserjet Series 3800 Q6470A Black Print CartridgeHP: Q6470A
CDW: 854434
NW: 194128
5 061101, 061129, 061218, 070128, 070312, 070409, 070416, 070524, 070716, 070727, 070906, 070924, 071015, 071029, 071119, 071130, 071226, 080128, 080205, 080302, 080321, 080415, 080429, 080617, 080623, 081114, 081124
2HP Color Laserjet Series 3800 Q7581A Cyan Print CartridgeHP: Q7581A
CDW: 854466
NW: 194121
3 061024, 070120, 070710, 070926, 071205, 080612
3HP Color Laserjet Series 3800 Q7582A Yellow Print CartridgeHP: Q7582A
CDW: 854468
NW: 194123
2 061103, 070423, 071022, 071106, 080411, 080509, 081120
4HP Color Laserjet Series 3800 Q7583A Magenta Print CartridgeHP: Q7583A
CDW: 854472
NW: 194122
2 061026, 061103, 070409, 071008, 071009, 080220
HP Color Laserjet Series 3800 Toner Bundle (includes one of each of above four cartridges)HP: Q6470A-3800-BUN
CDW: 910709
5Samsung ML-3051ND (ML-305X Series) toner cartridge Samsung: ML-D3050B
CDW: 1001463
NW: 282063
8 070223, 070424, 070511, 070725, 070727, 070817, 070827, 070918, 070921, 071019, 071019, 071024, 071107, 071119, 071214, 080116, 080123, 080125, 080222, 080311, 080319, 080326, 080421, 080513, 080630, 080630, 081112, 081112, 130916


ItemComplete Item DescriptionPart No.In StorageReplacement dates
1HP Color Laserjet Q2670A Black print CartridgeQ2670A (CDW: 578556)3
2HP Color Laserjet Q2682A Yellow print CartridgeQ2682A (CDW: 579969)2
3HP Color Laserjet Q2681A Cyan print CartridgeQ2681A (CDW: 579967)2
4HP Color Laserjet Q2683A Magenta print CartridgeQ2683A (CDW: 579968)2