CAL Linux Network

Welcome to our new CAL Linux network. The new network will function outside of the Sun Solaris network and will supplant some of the functions of the Sun network such as email, printing, and web hosting.

Our servers and workstations will be based on the Debian/Ubuntu Linux distribution. Special consideration was taken in selecting these distributions, the most important aspects being stability, ease of administration, and security.

In general, the functionality of the new Linux network will be transparent to the existing computing environment. However, the new Linux workstations should see noticeable gains in speed due to faster CPUs, and the updated (Gigabit) network infrastructure; including a more robust software and hardware platform that will allow a wide range of peripherals such as DVD/CD burners, scanners, external drives, etc.

In terms of software, the requested Astronomical software packages will all be available as well as some of the standard graphical and writing/productivity applications. The majority of the software from the Sun systems will be available on the linux network.

Jumping-off Points

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