wiki:Backing Up Data

Backing Up Files

Please note: only home directories on configured workstations will be backed up by the server.

Backups are currently scheduled for Tue., Thur., and Saturday mornings at 1:00am.

The external drives can be used to setup a simple backup procedure. One way would be to invoke the rsync command:

rsync -avux --progress 'from' 'to'

Other options for backing up:

There are a growing number of options to backup via the web, some of which are even free for small amounts of data (<2-5 GB typically). This seems to be a particularly good way to backup PC and Mac laptops. One nice option is For $5 a month you get unlimited backup space with 30 day version archive. The first time backing things up can take quite a long time, but it works in the background and you can set it up so that it is only active if your computer has been idle for xxx minutes or is using less than xxx% of the CPU. Then it can automatically backup new or modified files continuously or you can arbitrarily schedule backups.

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