Room 1008C

This is the room where most of the servers are going to be stored.

From an e-mail from fernando on 2005-12-14:

- the electrician came by this morning, now we know what circuits all the 
electrical receptacles on the wall are on (they're all 20A circuits, but 
you wouldn't know just by looking that the 2 plugs behind the wall on one 
box are on fuse 26, so that those 2 plugs can have a combined load of up to 
20A, while of the remaining 5 sets of plugs, 3 are on the same fuse 22, and 
2 others are on fuse 24, so that the maximum of 20A has to be shared among 
all those boxes/plugs).  I have a map that shows all of this.  Also, 
tomorrow the guy will come by to replace some NEMA 5-15 receptacles with 
NEMA 5-20 (which is what we need for the UPSs).

- the A/C guys also came by, and the plan is to do some ducting work that 
should give us plenty more cold air in the room.  This should be done some 
time in January.

- the floor guys should strip the floor clean sometime within the coming week.

- the CUIT (ethernet) guys... well, I've given them an account number to do 
their thing, but they're at a party today!  Hopefully I'll know more by the 
end of the week...

Update on 2005-12-29: Ethernet, Electrical, and Floor work has been done. A/C remains to be done.